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Extracts from E-mail Correspondence:  concerns during illness time and words said after Haim's d

To The Ring Family, As you prepare for the arrival of the New Year, this is undoubtedly a time of solemn reflection and fond remembrance of your dear husband and dad. As a personal friend and ISPRM colleague of Haim, I am writing to express my sincerest sentiments of sorrow on the untimely and unfortunate passing of this wonderful role model and distinguished international physiatrist. Like my esteemed international colleagues in PRM who have already written to voice their condolence, I wish to add my most heartfelt thoughts and reflections on this occasion. As you know, I was very, very close with Haim. We first met on the "International PRM Meeting Circuit" in Antalya, Turkey in June of 2000. This was right around the time that a massive earthquake had taken place in Turkey and Haim was part of an international mission sponsored by Project Hope to provide Physiatric Care. I was deeply inspired by his dedication to humanity and his tireless and never ending passion for promoting international rehabilitation. Now almost a decade later, I can say that I have come to know him all the more. No doubt, he will be sorely missed. His wonderful sense of humor, his kind, charismatic, caring demeanor, his knack for strong organizational and administrative leadership, and his admirable accomplishments as an international physiatric leader were truly statesman like in importance. His reputation as a world leader in Stroke Rehabilitation, and his major role in the ISPRM, the Mediterranean Forum and International rehabilitation have all touched the lives of people with disabilities all across the world.. On a personal level, I must tell you how much Haim meant to me and other young physiatrists. He nurtured my involvement in the ISPRM early on. Like a good leader and administrator, he recognized peoples interpersonal strengths and put them to good use. During his tenure as President, he and colleagues asked me to oversee the ISPRM FACULTY Student Exchange Committee- a committee post that I continue to serve with great enthusiasm and success. He was always around to offer advice and guidance. We spent lots of good times together. When Haim came to Baltimore in September of 2001 as Visiting professor at my institution, we spent several days together. His teaching skill impressed our residents and fortified their understanding and appreciation of the importance of global rehabilitation. He energized our staff at WTC and proudly shared his experience relating to Vocational Rehabilitation. A short time ago, I remember hearing the joy in his voice and seeing twinkle in his eye when he told me that he had become a first time grandpa. He was a wonderful father and took great pride in the tremendous accomplishments of his fine kids. Irene and Family, our sadness on this loss is tempered with the inspiration and realization that his contributions and enduring legacy will always live on. No doubt, throughout the coming year and beyond, Haim's memories and contributions will continue to inspire a new generation of international physiatrists. We will always remember this remarkable man. Please accept my wishes for a Shanah Tovah - A HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR . MARK

(sent by Dr Mark Young, USA)


Dear family of Haim, I'm not sure what happens with these hundreds of emails testifying to the greatness of our good friend Haim. It must seem overwhelming to you all now. So I have been reluctant to add to the pile of emails. However on reflection it seems that sometime, perhaps years from now, some of you-too young to remember, or too saddened right now to appreciate--will want to get a better understanding of how the world viewed this man whom you had breakfast with every day. Pardon yet another email. Although I had known Haim before the ISPRM meeting in Prague a few years ago, it was at that time -when my country had declared war on another- that Haim impressed me with a vision of rehabilitation as more than a medical intervention. It is, as he practiced it, a humanitarian effort that transcends all people and cultures, and impacts the civility of all societies. It is that vision that made me commit to my little peace-making effort of trying to build medical rehabilitation where it does not exist. We all carry on Haim's mission with a little bit of his personal philosophy and personality. For that I am grateful. Congratulations to all of his family and friends for having known and interacted with this great man. Sincerely, Andrew J. Haig, M.D. Director, Global Rehabilitation Leadership Program Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation The University of Michigan


Estimado Hugo y Colegas,

Con gran dolor recibimos la noticia del fallecimiento del Profesor Haim Ring.

Su simpatía, su humildad, su idoneidad serán recordados por toda la familia de rehabilitación por muchos años. La partida de tan querido colega deja en nosotros una inmensa tristeza y sin ningún lugar a duda será la figura que extrañaremos muy pronto en el AMLAR.

Sólo nos queda despedirnos diciéndoles a todos que sigan su ejemplo, son los fisiatras como él los que marcan un camino y dejan una huella difícil de borrar.

Para vos Hugo que fuiste su amigo y para todos sus allegados mandamos un gran abrazo.

Comisión Directiva SAMFyR


Dear Crt, Every homage to Haim Ring is well deserved.

It is necessary to remember and celebrate the strength of a great man and his struggles for the development of science.

Kind regards,

Linamara Rizzo Battistella


Dear Family and Friends of Dr. Haim Ring: On behalf of the leadership and members of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and the practicing Physiatrists of Puerto Rico, I would like to express our condolescence to the family of Dr. Haim Ring at this difficult time. Dr. Ring was a visionary leader in the field of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, who worked very hard to develop the International Society and its mission of improving rehabilitation education and treatment in all corners of the world. As an individual, I found Haim to be a loyal friend and colleague who was full of encouragement for all of us who have been involved in International Rehabilitation for the last several years. Dr. Ring will be greatly missed but we hope his efforts to develop ISPRM into a strong and vibrant society will continue. Cordially, William Micheo, MD Professor and Chair PMR & Sports Medicine Dept. University of Puerto Rico President Elect AAPM&R


Dear family of Professor Haim Ring and all friends,

I was very shocked to hear that Professor Haim Ring passed away from us forever !

Although I knew Professor Ring less than ten years, he did be a very kind person with much energy in the flied of PRM. Whenever Chinese professionals met him in the international events, he always encouraged us to be actively involved in activities of ISPRM. Whenever Chinese professionals needed him, he was always very happy to visit China and gave his invaluable help including our national congresses and workshops.

On behalf of Guangdong Association of Rehabilitation Medicine (GARM), China, I would like to express our deepest sympathies and profound condolences to his family and friends.

Professor Haim Ring will be always living with us!

Tiebin Yan, MD, PhD


Guangdong Association of Rehabilitation Medicine

Professor and Head, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

Second Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University

Guangzhou, China


Dear Friends and Colleagues: I am shocked and saddened to hear of Haim Ring’s death. I was with him in Nanjing, China and the Yellow Mountain this past May. He actively participated in the ISPRM Strategic Planning Retreat. I remember Haim as a character, a leader, a friend and an individual who was true to the courage of his convictions. He was the Founder of the Mediterranean PRM Forum, and a past president of ISPRM. He passionately believed in the concept of International rehabilitation, and improving the lives of individuals with disability. My profound condolences go out to his family and friends. Yet, he certainly lives with us in spirit and we need to celebrate his many contributions. Jorge, please convey from ISPRM our deep condolences to Irene and her family. Sincerely, Joel A. DeLisa, M.D. ISPRM President Professor and Chair Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School Founding Director Kessler Medical Rehabilitation Research & Education Corporation


Dear friends,

I already expressed my condolences to Haim's family and we shall have honoring at the opening of 7th Mediterranean Congress of PRM in Portorose tomorrow morning.

Haim Ring was also president of European Federation for Rehabilitation Research and I am preparing Editorial – in memoriam for next issue of IJRR.

Crt Marincek

Chairman of the Congress and

Vice President of Mediterranean Forum


Dear Irene and family,

I am really sorry for Haim's death.

He has always a good and clever man and a great friend of the Italian Society of PRM (SIMFER).

On behalf of SIMFER, my family and myself, I want to express you our sorrow for his farewell.

Best regards

Raffaele Gimigliano

President of the Italian Society of PRM (SIMFER)

Professor of PRM at the Second University of Naples, Italy


Dear all ISPRM officials and colleagues,

Jorge Lains informed me about his illnes. but I never thought such a news is waiting for us! The reality is Haim Ring is no more in this world. "I do feel very unhappy, and I'm certain that you all also feel deeply sad. I don't know how we / I will manage to be in a congress, namely our ISPRM congresses, without his company." same feeling like Jorge

Bangladesh Association of PMR, all members wish to express profound condolences to his family and friends. Dr. Mohd Taslim Uddin Bangladesh Association of PMR


Apreciados compañeros,

La muerte del Dr. Haim Ring ha representado una gran pérdida no sólo en el ámbito de la Medicina Física y Rehabilitación por la que luchó y trabajo con gran proactividad, sino que ha significado la pérdida de un amigo. Él era un ser entrañable y afable con don de gentes, era amigo de sus amigos y por tanto, todos aquellos que lo conocimos y compartimos momentos con él hemos perdido, definitivamente, a un amigo.

La vida es así sin embargo el no ha pasado por este mundo sin dejar huella, como otros muchos. Ha dejado su impronta y seguro que su nombre quedará en la historia de la rehabilitación.

Que descanse en paz.

Dra. Montserrat Bernabeu Guitart Miembro de la Junta Directiva de la ISPRM

Presidente de la Sociedad Española de Neurorehabilitación (SENR) Jefe de la Unidad de Daño Cerebral Hospital de Neurorehabilitación Instituto Guttmann Badalona


Dear Irene and family,

I am deeply sorry about Haim's death. He is a good friend, an intelligent and wise man and we will miss him always.

On behalf of the Spanish PRM Society (SERMEF), and myself, I want to express you our sympathy and sorrow for this last Haim's farewell.

Kind regards

Amparo Martinez Assucena

ISPRM Executive Member

Mediterranean Forum PRM Board Member

Head of PRM Department, Hospital de Requena

Requena, Spain


Dear family of Haim Ring, Dr Lains and all who knew Haim Ring, On behalf of the Spanish Society of Neurorehabilitation I want to express our deepest sympathies.

I got to meet Dr Haim Ring many years ago and he always was more than a proactive professional in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, he was a great friend.

All who knew Dr. Haim Ring, will miss him!

Dra. Montserrat Bernabeu President of Spanish Society of Neurorehabilitation. Brain Injury Unit Director Neurorehabilitation Hospital Institut Guttmann Badalona, SPAIN


Dear Colleagues:

I was saddened to hear of Dr. Haim Ring’s passing from Dr. Jorge Lains.

I wish to express my profound condolences to his family and friends.

Dr. Ring was one of the founders of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM) and dedicated himself to its development.

He was a very generous man who was kind to all.

It is difficult to believe that he is no longer with us.

Dr. Ring will always be in our hearts.

Chang-il Park, MD, PhD

Former President, ISPRM


Nachum, I am deeply, deeply saddened to learn of dear Haim's passing. Do you know when is the funeral? Do you know if the family will be sitting Shivah? Where? (I wish I was in Israel, now...) We must plan a memorial for the December meeting. Mark



Lamento muchísimo la noticia. La verdad es que no tuve el gusto de conocerlo pero sólo por el cariño con que ustedes hablaban de él y por los mensajes recibidos siempre positivos, me da mucha pena no llegar a tener el placer de conocerlo.

Un abrazo a la distancia.

Lourdes Alanís Vanelli Directora Congresos Elis Montevideo - Uruguay


Estimado Hugo e demais companheiros,

Em nome da Associação Brasileira de Medicina Física e Reabilitação, comividos por imenso pesar, enviamos os mais profundos e sinceros votos de condolências pelo falecimento de nosso querido e mui estimado Prof. Haim Ring.

São nestas horas de dor e de sofrimento que podemos estreitar ainda mais os nossos laços e amizade e de fraternidade! Lembro-me do Prof. Haim Ring pelo exemplo que deixa da generosidade e da prontidão em responder às diversas solicitudes que lhe eram feitas...Foi um dos que de modo tão pronto deixou a sua valiosa contribuição científica nas páginas de nosso antigo website....

Somos uma voz unisona ao do Prof. Gutierrez, sobre a homenagem ao Prof. Ring durante AMLAR 2008.

Marta Imamura

Presidente, Associação Brasileira de Medicina Física e Reabilitação


Dear Dr. Lains, dear all who knew a great man Haim Ring ! On behalf of the Slovenian Society for PRM I do express our deepest regrets with the loss of a great friend, tutor and a hardworking proffessional Dr. Haim Ring. The Mediterrannean Congress of PRM, which is just to begin, will be marked with the emptiness that can not be filled or replaced. We do express our mourning and solidarity with his beloved wife Irene and all nearest. Dr. Klemen Grabljevec President of the Slovenian Society for PRM


Dear Dr Lains, Dear Colleagues: Tonight I read the sad news of Dr. Haim Ring´s sudden and unexpected death.

On behalf of the Colombian Association of PM&R, let me extend my heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. The loss must touch them very deeply as they face these first numbing days of grief.

I meet Dr. Ring in several International meetings, where I had the opportunity to learn from him not only as a professor but also as a true leader.

It´s a great loss to the ISPRM in particular and to the specialty in general.

With Heartfelt Condolences

Jorge E. Gutiérrez MD, MSc

President Colombian Association of PM&R


Estimado Dr Nuñez y demás colegas:

En nombre de la Asociación Colombiana de Medicina Fisica y Rehabilitacion expreso mis más sinceras condolencias por la muerte del Dr Haim Ring.

Tuvimos la oportunidad de coincidir con él en diversos eventos internacionales y fueron muchas las enseñanzas que nos dejo como persona, profesor y como líder.

Es una lamentable pérdida para toda la especialidad a nivel mundial.

El congreso de AMLAR, que desafortunadamente ya no contara con su valiosa presencia, será un espacio en el cual se le pueda rendir un merecido homenaje.

Jorge E Gutiérrez

Presidente ASCMF&R


Estimados Amigos y Colegas:

Comunico con profundo pesar el fallecimiento de nuestro muy estimado Socio, Asesor y Amigo Prof. Dr. Haim Ring, en el día de hoy.

Transcurrir por la vida, sembrar y cosechar AMIGOS por el mundo, sólo lo puede hacer aquel con gran valor de gente, dispuesto a dar todo lo bueno de sí, y dispuesto a recibir lo bueno de los otros y también lo malo para transformarlo en algo útil; si además de ello se enriquece de conocimiento y los comparte en pro del crecimiento del resto, y deja en cada lugar un gratísimo recuerdo para siempre, ese ser ha sabido VIVIR... y así ha sido el Dr. Haim Ring.

Uruguayo de siempre, lo adoptó el mundo por sus cualidades personales y profesionales, alcanzó destacado nivel internacional como especialista, investigador y docente en Rehabilitación y Medicina Física. Ha sido y será referente de todo aquel que se desempeñe, se esté formando y se formará en la especialidad.

A pesar de la tristeza que me acongoja hoy, agradezco a la vida que me haya puesto en el camino de Julio, Irene y sus hijos, con quienes compartí momentos maravillosos, que recordaré por siempre.

Para Irene y familia, desde Uruguay y Latinoamerica un enorme, cálido y contenedor abrazo.

Para ustedes, amigos y colegas de latinoamérica, una profunda invitación a recordar a este referente de la Rehabilitación en el Mundo.


Dr. Hugo Núñez Bernadet


Sociedad Uruguaya de Médicos Fisiatras


XXIII Congreso de la Asociación Médica Latinoamerica de Rehabilitación


De: Jorge Lains []

Enviado el: lunes, 15 de septiembre de 2008 06:04 p.m.

Asunto: Haim Ring

Importancia: Alta

Dear friends / colleagues,

There's always an end in this world.

Unfortunately, I have to give the unhappy news about the death of our dear friend HAIM RING.

Irene and her family asked me to inform all the friends and colleagues to thanks for all the support that she is feeling from all of us.

HAIM was "friend of his friend" with a unique joy of living.

HAIM was a unique PRM scientist, clinician and leader, father and founder of the Mediterranean Forum and past-President of ISPRM.

HAIM will always be in our memory. “We already miss him”.

We all express to Irene and her family our deep condolences, sadness and support..

I do regret to inform about this news,


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